Week 47: Windy’s NDAD Creation

Today's revamp comes from my gal Windy S. in Mankato, MN!!  When I saw what she sent and her inspiration, I knew that this had to be shared.  She did a little Copycat action which I adore and did something to be rocked on the feet! Copycat!!

Inspiration, Christian Louboutin. Retail price tag $2K... Let's see her version that doesn't cost my dream vacation price tag to  go to Bali :)

Miss Windy said...

"Here's a little revamp of some boots I found at the thrift store.  They were cool, kinda, they had a nice little shape but looked pretty dated.  So, to update them and make them look more stylish...

Windy - Before

...I simply hot-glued some fur to them!  Easy-peasy!

My BFF, the glue gun!!

I kept the cute little buckle which i think looks pretty cool over the fur. I love them!

Windy - After

I wear them all over because they're cute and comfy.  I couldn't be happier with how they turned out, and I just wanted to share.


I'm totally OB-SESSED with how these came out!  With just a little fur trim, basic boots turned into some killer kicks.  Love it Windy and thrilled you shared!  Move over Mr. Louboutin, there's a new girl in town!