Week 46: Jeannie

Today's wonder came from Jeannie in Tennessee.  Lace, check, florals, check, slightly matronly, check. "Enjoy this piece from the collection of 1980s dresses that still hang in my closet.  I don't want to see it anymore so I'm giving it to you to create something new."

Week 46: Jeannie - Before

Yep, we'll create something new, alright.

First thing's first...that double collar is coming off - the square piece and the V piece, which were separate, are going to come completely off.  Seam ripper, get your shiny metal head over here!

Takin' off the bib!

As I was taking the pieces off, I absolutely loved the brand name on the tag...

Hello REO...Speedwagon!

Yeah, I couldn't get this song, or this feeling (insert drum roll) out of my head :)

Now that my collar was gone...


I took the excess lace from the V part of the collar that was removed...


And began to reattach it to the dress, in the same V shape that it had when it was connected to the collary flaps.

Pinning lace down!!

Once it was pinned down, the fabric on the dress was trimmed down the center...

New V neck!!

...and then stitched to the lace.  I decided to go belt-less partially because the dress didn't come with a belt to go in the stitched loopholes, but I liked the way it hit my waist.  It was elastic, so it fit perfectly.

Belt snip!!

Got the dress completely done and wore it to brunch before getting my photo taken during the magic hour :)

Week 46: Jeannie - After

I'm ready for my close up [on the V neck], Mr. DeMille...

The V!

Enjoying the Sunset [Boulevard] and the extra hours of light today!  Was it worth losing an hour of sleep, absolutely!!  Summer is just around the corner...

Thanks to Jeannie - love the 80s remake!