Week 47: Copycat – Scarlett Johansson

It’s COPYCAT day!! Today piece is inspired by Scarlett Johansson and her Dolce & Gabbana Oscar dress!!


When I saw her dress and then saw this bridesmaid dress, I was immediately inspired.

Week 47: Copycat - Before

I think I was just super into the lace and the way the skin peeked through the gorgeous mulberry shade.  The dresses are virtually the same color, so I knew I just had to get this into a condition that was wearable.

Scarlett in Dolce & Gabbana

I mean...look at these sleeves!!

The sleeves, the sleeves!

Seam ripper is in hand...

Like Scarlett's I had to get this sleeveless!  I began taking out stitches around each of the arms.

Getting rid of those sleeves!

Little by little, the thread was snipped.  I had to be careful as the sleeves were stitched directly to the lace, so it was a mildly tedious process hoping not to rip the delicate fabric.

Getting closer!

And they're off!!


There was also a little hole on the seam at the neck that was going to have to be stitched up too.

Little hole

The length went next - scissors came out and I trimmed off a little less than half of the skirt.  There was no way this was going to stay long!!

Cut Copy!

Post trimming, I got out the sewing machine and did my tweaks.  The top of the dress was a bit large, so I took in about an inch at each arm as well.

Tighten up!

with everything stitched up and tightened, the dress was ready to wear!!  I wore black ankle boots and added black velvet ribbon around the waist as I had on the black frames today.

Week 47: Copycat - After

My eyes have been so dry from my allergies (oh the wind out here and the constant headaches I get!!) that I just couldn't put my contacts on this morning.  It was my rocker chic version of the designer dress!!

The back of Scarlett's dress was absolutely stunning...

Scar Jo!

I'm a sucker for backless dresses and loved that part of her dress.  My favorite part of this was the sheer lace...went from looking dated and prairie-esque to chic and current.


I cannot wait to wear this again...will heels it up with contacts and coiffed hair next time and will most definitely document :)

Before I pass out for the night, sending out prayers to our friends and family in Japan. xx