Week 46: Sarah Part II

So, it's part II time to the fabulous frock Sarah sent me...  Week 46: Sarah Part II

We took the skirt last week and crafted it into a strapless top...

Strapless top!!

...and today it's time to work on the tunic!

Took off the rest of the wooden buttons...

More button removal!

...before working on removing the weird bluish flappy-panel that hung at the front of the top.

Seam ripping!

Once that was removed...

Panel gone!

...it was time to take on the sleeves.

Goner time sleeves!

Some snipping on both sides removed the same bluish colored fabric and I was now going sleeveless!!

No mo' sleeves!

I gave the arms new seams and I took the shirt in about three inches on each side while getting a new hem together.  Sewing machine came out and tweaked all the changes I made.

Taking in and hemming!

Once I was done, I had a fab new top to wear!

Week 46: Sarah Part II - After

It ended up turning into a cap sleeved top which I loved!  The key factor was that it was simplified, just like the skirt was.  The bluish fabric that didn't gel was taken off and it was simple, comfortable and cute :)

Just the thing to kick back and watch The Bachelor in!

Chantal & Emily!!

No spoilers just in case...but I have to say I knew it right away.  How I get sucked into these shows, I have no idea, but I will tell you that I won't be watching The Bachelorette.  Ashley H...not my thing.

A night of yummy sush, The Bachelor finale, and my new top was just the way to start the week.


Grazie to my Sarah for this fabulous two piece ensemble - it's been fun making these wearable!