Week 47: Sarah

Purple Rain, Purple Rain!!  Woo hoo for the purple coming in my way from my gal Sarah in Plano, TX. Week 47: Sarah - Before

I loved what she told me!

"I need to tell you that Plano, TX is second to none for thrift stores. We have a giant and well organized thrift store and a Goodwill, and two vintage shops and I'm sure more but I only ever go to the thrift store." I think I need to make a trip to Plano - well organized is key and I tend to always be in the thrifting chaos of LA!!

The purple two piece Batik print dress..."came from the thrift store.  Not sure what I intended to do with it.  What was I thinking!?"

There is much to be tackled and I'm going to do each piece individually.  Today, the skirt is on the agenda!

My first step was taking off the panel of two fabrics that were on the bottom of the skirt!  The fabric with sharpish figure 8s on it was first off.  Seam ripper and some elbow grease got it removed.  I also took off the solid purple fabric as well which was sewn on separately from the other - there was a mini slit between the two!!

Remove the panel!

Now that the fabric was gone...


...I had to get rid of the four wooden buttons that were attached.

Wood buttons!

Love the idea of wooded buttons, but it wasn't working for this!  And question...why just four??  I will definitely be using these later on - jewelry of some sort perhaps??

Adding to the stash!

I prepped the bottom of the skirt to hem and also took in the waist.  This was going to be a little strapless number to celebrate the freakishly warm day we had today!!

New hem!

I took in about three inches on each side - there was an elastic waist already on the skirt, so I took in a bit more to allow for some stretch.

Taking in!

I used the leftover material from the bottom of the skirt as a little belt that I tied into a knot and it was looking much sleeker than it did before!!

Week 47: Sarah - After

There was too much going on with the patterns, the wooden buttons, and the multiple shades of purple in the before shot so this just simplified the entire thing.  Half down, half left to go...the tunic will be tackled next week.

Thank you Sarah for sending the box of love my way - will get working on Part 2 for next week!!