Week 47: Piece 2 from Dye Tutorial

l figured that while I was at it doing a dye tutorial yesterday, I'd kill two birds with one stone! Week 47: Penny - Before

It was reminiscent of the barong I remade and dyed on Day 85.

Day 85's Barong

The material I came to learn was a banana fabric coming from banana fibers.  Had a similar consistency to organza.  So this piece I felt more inclined to change the shade of because there were beautiful floral details on the sleeves and on the back of the piece that couldn't really be seen...

The detail!

...so I opted to toss it in with the fuchsia bath!!  Why not, right?

Another dye job :)

I had a feeling it would turn out a bit differently, shade wise, because of the fabric...want to check it out?

It came out a lovely shade of pink!!  It was a rather perfect, Easter-y type top!


And speaking of Easter, I'm already planning what to give up during Lent and it includes the below...

Week 47: Penny - After

I don't do fast food that often, but when I give that up, soda (single tear for Dr. Pepper), and candy (will just eat popcorn at the movies now...no Peanut M&M's tossed in) it packs a bigger punch.  I had to go out with a bang, so In-N-Out was on the dinner agenda.

For a quick second, look at the detail on the back of the piece now - the color really pops on the embroidery.  I love it!

The detail!!

What a difference from the simple white - you can actually see what was crafted on it now!  OK, back to the food...

Because I'm obsessed with In-N-Out's 'secret menu' I first ordered some Animal Style fries...

Animal Style!!

and then I went there...

I mean...

Delicious, check. Tummy ache, check, but totally worth it :)