Week 48: Laura’s NDAD Creation

I love it when I get emails from the youngins'.  I'm still totally young myself, but it's awesome when I get emails coming in from those born the same year as when I got my favorite velvet red J Crew pea coat in high school (that I totally adore and whip out during special occasions) that's now deemed 'vintage.' Today's remake comes from my gal Laura who happens to share the same last name as some of my favorite chocolates...


She's a college freshman in Huntingdon, PA which I remember fondly back in those high school days I mentioned earlier...I spent a week at Juniata College one summer for the "Volleyball Express" volleyball camp located in that Pennsylvania hood.  I think I was traumatized by the intense workouts and the heat that I swore off going to any school in PA :)

Back to L Dub and her story that made me smile...

"You have inspired me and my friends so much this past year. This is wonderful for our wardrobes, especially being poor college freshman. I grew up being shoved in Mennonite dresses from thrift stores, it took a while but finally I developed my own style while shopping regularly at thrift stores. Our college town of Huntingdon, PA has 3 or 4 fantastic thrift stores where I get most of my re-creations. Some of them are also from my home town thrift stores (or my mom's closet!)

Laura - Before

She turned that into this!

Laura - After

A little hiking up, some belt action and a lovely mulberry shirt underneath...fabulous!!  Super boho-chic and on a college budget. Absolutely love!

"Thanks for continuing and being such an inspiration!" Thanks to you for sharing your fabulous find Laura - way to go!