Week 48: Copycat – Chanel

It’s COPYCAT day!! Today piece is inspired by Chanel's classic suit jacket in red.


When I saw this dress I immediately thought Chanel...

Week 48: Copycat - Before

...pearl buttons down the front and on the pockets!  Time to recreate!!

The first thing to do was take that skirt off!!

Detaching the skirt!

Grabbed seam rippers and began to detach the skirt from the top of the dress!

Pulling apart!

Once there were two separate pieces, I tweaked the hem and took out the shoulder pads :)

Later pads!!

Paired with a tank, jeans, black boots and a Mexican Coke from the South Philly Experience truck, my Chanel-esque jacket was ready to roll!

Week 48: Copycat - After

This has been such a staple piece, the suit jacket from Chanel.  From gold buttons...

Vintage Chanel!

...to black/gold buttons...

More Vintage Chanel!

...my pearl buttons were just up to speed!


However my version of Chanel and these below treats...

Pretty and delicious!

...are more along the lines of the Chanel I can afford :)