Week 47: Abigail

Today's dress was a fun package to open...light blue, lace, and Little Bo Peep-y!!  This fell into my mailbox from Miss Abigail in TN. "This came from a bin of costumes at my church's thrift store.  Perhaps you can dress up and wear this to a theme party?   Work your magic :)"

Week 47: Abigail - Before

I loved the blue shade. Totally pastel and getting me more into the spring spirit!!  Daylight Savings is next week and I'm counting down the days.  Lose an hour, who cares!!  More sunlight in the evening...woo hoo!!

It's dress prep time as I have a very important brunch with dear friends.

I'm going short!!  I cut off over a foot of fabric from the bottom of the dress.

Shorten up!

Before I continued, I took my seam rippers and removed the lace from the bottom.  This will definitely be used at some point.

Lace off!

Next, I removed the fabric that was connected to the lace at the sleeves and removed the lace as well and added it to my leftover pile.

Lace off the sleeves!

Originally I was going to add this to the piece, but actually ended up liking the simpleness of the blue.

The excess!

Now that my sleeves were done, I took care of making a new hem which was the only other tweak I needed.  Instead of taking the sashes and just tying them in the back, I wrapped them around and made a little bow front and center.  I put my hair in a bun, added a headband and some fun vintage bangles and made my way out to meet my pals.

Week 47: Abigail - After

Met up with the coolest almost three-year-olds I know, AB & OB with their awesome parents P & A.


I was called Princess Marisa, which I will take anytime, and really ran with that title.  I mean I was channeling my inner Cinderella...


...hanging with my gal A and her awesome Hello Kitty t-shirt.

Princess M & AB

We played a little dress up after eggs and blueberry muffins...

Dress Up!

...and then went outside where O rocked his inner Willow Smith and 'whipped his hair back and forth' like a true teen idol.

My dude :)

We went to the American Girl store, got some stickers...

Princess sleeve!

...tried on some hats and gave a fist pump to the camera.

Fist Pump!

A Lakers and Texas Rangers hat on two mini-Red Sox fans for life...unforch all the Boston hats were above their eye level.  Mom and Dad may have to forego the David Ortiz jerseys in favor of Kobe Bryant and Josh Hamilton ones!!