Week 48: Oscar Dress

So...we're doing a little recap of the Oscar dress from this weekend for today's post.  I had a fab copycat outfit for today, photos were taken, but one slight snafu...camera went MIA.  Looking into all avenues of this abduction and I hope that it resurfaces and it wasn't just scooped up by someone at lunch as their electronic doggie bag.  Otherwise we'll have to start fresh... OK, back to Oscar dress!!  I had gotten this in the new year for just $1!!  I loved the color and the fabric...

Week 48: Oscar Dress - Before

...but there was a small problem.  Tears at the shoulders!



I decided to use this tear and switch it up a bit!

I ended up taking apart the top of the dress completely because I wanted to go halter style!!


Went to the fabric store and was able to match perfectly the same color/fabric to use as my sashes.

Matching Fabric!

I ironed, folded a few times and stitched down my new neck sash...

Halter Strap!

...and then trimmed off what I was going to use to keep the top half up!

Trim and affix!

I stitched one end to the left side of the dress and then just pinned the end on the other side of the sash to the right side.  I wanted to make sure that it was as fitted as possible especially with going on air!

I hopped over to Forever 21 to get some cheap jewelry to wear to the party :)  I found lots of awesome beaded necklaces and decided to grab a few in the color palette I was working with.  I had gunmetal nails (love Essie's Over the Edge) and wanted to bring some greys, pinks and greens so I went with the below.

F21 beadery!!

Between $2.80-$4.80, I spent less than $15 for my Oscar jewels!!  I used my BCBG gold heels that have been in my rotation for years and the look was complete.  Makeup was done, however I didn't get a hair touch up before we went live.  It was a zoo in the hair/MU room so we had to just make it work with the curls that were there.

Week 48: Oscar Dress - After

And I love some of your comments about a new 'do :)  I just got a fun Groupon for a salon in the hood and will be getting some spring tresses soon!!