Week 48: Sharon

I thought today's floraly dress was just the thing to work on to bring those warm spring feelings closer. It's March 1st already (how did that happen?!) and spring is just around the corner. Sharon in Phoenix sent this frock my way - "This housedress looked like the ones you worked on last year!! Have fun!"

Week 48: Sharon - Before

Big housedress, it's time to cute'n you up!!

I began with the neck - it was quite large for me, so I made a little snip in the seam where there was elastic.

Snip time!

I pulled out the elastic and snipped it in half, as now I was going to be able to make it as gathered or as loose as I wanted.  I'm going the gathered route as I'm not into any indecent exposure :)

Gathering the elastic

Next, I cut off about a foot or so from the bottom...

Length Trim

I took the excess and decided I wanted to make a ruffled bottom which would match the ruffled sleeves.

The excess!

I began my ruffle gathering process.  Turning the fabric over and using the dull side, I pinched and pinned, pinched and pinned all the way across the panel of fabric.  I ended up taking the dress in a bit, so the leftover material made its way completely around the bottom.

Gathered and pinned

I took the right side of the panel and of the bottom of the dress and pinned them together in the area where I wanted my seam to fall.


I stitched the ruffle to the dress and had my creation complete!!

Takin' in and sewing down!

Paired with brown tights, boots and a belt, my floraly number was complete.  The jacket, which I took off for photo purposes, was a tan (which you'll see below) shade bringing the brown palette together with the greens and melons.

Week 48: Sharon - After

Did a little Chipotle action because 'Taco Tuesday' should be observed whenever possible :)


It was even chillier outside when we left as we closed down the place - you know it's a crazy night when you close down a Chipotle...

Food coma!

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