Week 49: Oscar Week – Black Swan!

Oscar Week has come to an end... Oscar Week!

They aired last night, Natalie Portman won her golden man and today's piece was inspired by her movie, Black Swan.

Black Swan!

I decided to create a little ballet ensemble which was something I was very used to, growing up in ballet and pointe shoes.  My first year on pointe, a bit too early in third grade if you ask me, we did a routine to "Send in the Clowns" and we literally looked like Bozo.  I mean made up face, white puffy shirt, black and white striped spandex stirrup pants, a black glitter cocktail cap and big black glitter cardboard buttons that went on the front of the shirt.  One word.  Atrosh.

I wanted to go chic and classy ballerina instead today.  I used two pieces to get this look done.

First piece:

Black Swan - Before

Second piece:

Black Swan - Before Part II

Assemblé time!!

The black dress was super 90s.  Lycra, bra cups and it kind of reminded me of Madonna circa Blonde Ambition tour...

Express Yourself!

...just that my cups weren't pointy cones.  They did have a similar texture though.  I decided to take off the slinky arms first - this felt super bodysuit-y/leotard-y to me because of the way the piece stretched, and a leotard is pretty synonymous to ballet so I thought this would be the right path to pas de bourrée down.

Going sleeveless!!

With the sleeves gone, I jeté-d over to the lacy robe (I think that's what it is, right?) situation.  What I wanted to do was create a skirt similar to this traditional Capezio one, basically a skirt that ties around the waist...

Capezio's ballet skirt!

...so I began to cut the lace!

Lace trim!

I measured the fabric against the dress and trimmed to exactly where I wanted it to fall.


Once my lace was trimmed, I grabbed ribbon, that was literally left over from my ballet days, and began pinning it to the lacy fabric.

Skirt time!

A little stitching took place and my dance skirt was complete!!  I tied it around my waist and my dance ensemble was complete.

Black Swan - After

It was like a rehearsal ensemble except I didn't have on leg warmers nor my shoes.  I did get the hair in the bun though :)

Black Swan!

I actually really loved the way the black dress looked and still wanted it to remain a LBD, so...


Voila!!  Removable skirt and little black dress - two outfits in one!!

Oscar Week was fun!!  Time to let the credits roll...