Week 49: Oscar Week – True Grit!

It’s OSCAR Week!!! Oscar Week!

Today’s piece comes from the Coen Brothers western remake with 'The Dude' aka Jeff Bridges…


True Grit!

I channeled my inner western movie/on a plain/earthy look today and began with this...

True Grit - Before

Time to find some grit and speaking of...grits sound kind of delicious right now!!  "They say he has grit.  I wanted a man with grit."

First off, I knew that I wanted to dye this!  I used RIT Dye's Tan shade...

Tan time!

...added it to my washing machine...

Chillin' in tan waters!

...and got a dress looking a little bit like this...


It was super prairie feeling - I loved the lighter shade especially when I wanted to pair it with some darker brown boots.  Thinkin ahead... Here's a little close up of the pearly-lace waist.

Waist ECU!! (Extreme Close Up!)

I cut off about a foot of fabric from the bottom of the dress, pinned it...

Trimmin that LONG skirt!

...and rehemmed it.

Sew Time!

Now, I also used another trick of turning the dress around and wearing the back in the front.  I liked the lace neck, however it felt too constricting when I was trying it on that I decided to flip it around to see how it looked.  Loved it - also, I ended up gathering material and pinning it at my tailbone area instead of taking it in.  I loved having a little bustle there and used a vintage gold pin to keep it cinched.

fTrue Grit - After

My dress was complete!!  Brown boots, dark shades...all I needed was a horse and a companion like Matt Damon :)


Being this was western themed, I took a little trip to the Gower Gulch, which is literally a mini mall area on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood with western themed facades and murals.  There's a Denny's and a Starbucks there too, so it's not like getting rations from general stores.

Lil' Western Town!

It also happened to be National Margarita Day (!!) so post work I went out for Taco Tuesday ($! tacos!) and jalapeno margies with A-squared.

National Margarita Day!!

I couldn't resist a little recreation shot of me with Roy Rogers...

Me and Roy!

...before pretending to get on the saddle with the boys and gal :)

On the road again...

It's like I'm Hailee Steinfeld today, except I'm not fifteen nor nominated for an Oscar!!

The plains of Hollywood!

I've always come to the Rite Aid in this mini mall, but never have I taken photos...until now!!

Not sure who of you guys saw this movie, but I have to say that I was just obsessed with the character name 'Rooster Cogburn'.  May have to go with Rooster as my nickname from here on out :)

Day 2 of Oscar Week down!  Another nominee tomorrow!!