Week 49: Oscar Week – The Social Network!

It's Oscar Week!!! Oscar Week!

Today’s piece comes from the Aaron Sorkin penned film (who also was behind my fave go-to show, The West Wing)


The Social Network!

It was time to go back, back, back to school today.  I set my eyes on this and knew that I had to recreate.

The Social Network - Before

I definitely didn't go to Harvard, however I felt very intelligent in that Harvard sweatshirt :) Even if I had gone, Mark Zuckerberg would have still been there after me...  Time to channel the man behind the 'book.  "I invented Facebook."

I wanted to give this sweatshirt a chic, girly touch so I began by cutting off the cuffs.

Cut the ends!

Went to the neck and did the same.  I trimmed an area off around the ribbed neckline...

Trim the neck!

...as this was also going to be a mini homage to Flashdance too!

Heart Jennifer Beals and her sweatshirt!

Once the trims were made I put the sweatshirt on and pinned the areas that I wanted to take in.  Mostly just a bit on the arms...


...as I wanted to still keep it loose but slightly more fitted as well.  This was/is Mark Zuckerberg's staple so I had to do it justice...

Jesse as Mark:


Mark as Mark:


Marisa as Mark:

The Social Network - After

Wearing my Harvard sweatshirt, I decided I should do a little bit of studying...

My kind of studying!

...before hitting the computer and checking out Facebook.


I could spend hours on this if I had the time...


...along with the 500 million other members.

Zuckerberg played by Eisenberg!!

Day 3 of Oscar Week down!  Another nominee tomorrow!!