Week 49: Oscar Week - Toy Story 3!

It's OSCAR Week!!! Oscar Week!

Living in LA, the city goes a bit nutty the week leading up to the big event.  Hollywood Blvd has already shut down (hello traffic!) and the commercials for all the Oscar coverage has begun!  In Oscar spirit, I thought a theme week would be fun...each day a new outfit inspired by something nominated.  Also, stay tuned for some fun news that's totally in the spirit of the week!!

Today's piece comes from my favorite movie of the year...


Toy Story 3!!

I opted to channel a mix of Jessie and Woody for today's piece.

Jessie & Woody

My before was this fab country western, red checkered shirt that needed some TLC, stat.

Toy Story 3 - Before

Time to go to "infinity and beyond!!"

First thing to go was that collar!!

Get that collar off!

Yikes, how big that thing was!!

Collar goner!

Once the collar was gone, I repinned each side of the fabric back together to prepare for a little sewing.


Next I had to cut the sleeves.  Not only were they too long, the cuff was like eight inches and my wrist was swimming in it.

Short sleeves!

After a little trim, I pinned the sleeves to get them ready to be hemmed.  The shirt was also too big for me so I had to take it in.  I wanted it to be fitted, so there was about four-ish inches or so taken in on both sides.

Taking in time!

Now, my favorite addition to this country-ish shirt came from this fabulous pillowcase I snagged at the pile sale for $1!  I mean, it couldn't have fit in better with this outfit!!


Cowboys, cacti and a matching red checkered blanket with what looks like a blue tin pitcher.  OK, did I just call out that pitcher being 'tin'.  Oy :)  I was eyeing that cowboy so I cut him out...

Trim that cowboy!!

Attached him to some felt...

Felt backed!

Trimmed the edges and sewed the bucking bronco down!


I added a pin to the back of my little patch, affixed it to the upper right area of my shirt, threw on my boots and went to the market!  Didn't ride over on a horse, nor did I wear a cowboy hat, but I did fill up on some rations.

Toy Story 3 - After

When I was buttoning up my shirt, I ended up taking the material up top and just folding it under instead of buttoning the entire length, just because I liked the way my long sleeved, white tee peeked through.  I'll button it up the entire way next time!!

ECU!! (Extreme Close Up!)

I loved my little western top and that pin just reminds me of the sweetness of the movie.

Heart this duo!

I caught it on a plane, cried a whole lot, and felt so happy when it was done.  See, I'm a total crier in movies, but this was actually legit.  I won't share the list of non-legit films that I've shed tears for...it's way too embarrassing :)

Day 1 of Oscar Week down!  Another nominee tomorrow!!