Week 51: Caroline

Prior to figuring out all the details of what was going to go down for year two, I had gotten numerous requests last year of readers wanting to donate pieces my way.  I had originally intended to do a 'Donation Week' as another theme before the year's end, but then had grand ideas to make year two all about your stuff, which I am LOVING so far :)  I received this dress/scrub-esque piece along with another similar one, which will be donned tomorrow, from Caroline...in the City (anyone else remember that fab show?) Caroline is actually from SC, so I'm just going to do some blending action and call her Caroline in the SCity. Le piece...

Week 51: Caroline

Hello Twister board, right??  I chose it mostly because of the colors and the team I was rooting for in today's Super Bowl!

The Green Bay Packers!!

Green Bay Packers!! Courtesy of AP

My color palette was set - green dots, yellow dots, some red and blue ones as well, but those were just extra accent colors that were there for presentation.  I decided to turn this piece into a top that would go with jeans and my New Balance sneaks.  I cut the piece short...

Shirt time!!

...and pinned the bottom to create a new hem.

New hem!

I was on desserts for the Super Bowl party I was attending, so I decided to use the below ingredients.  Chocolate chip cookie dough and Oreo cookies to make...

Two of my fave things!

...this most ridiculous sounding recipe on Yahoo Shine which they snagged from the brill Becky Bakes. Five words that literally made me salivate. OREO. STUFFED. CHOCOLATE. CHIP. COOKIES.  I knew that this was what I was going to be making along with some easy Betty Crocker cupcakes with Funfetti frosting.


While the goodness baked, I went to the machine and got stitching.


My shirt was finished, my cookies were done...


...and it was off to a little Super Bowling.  As I've been under the weather the past few days, this afternoon house party was the perfect low key spot to eat, watch commercials, and kick back with some good pals to cheer on some football!

Commercial wise I was a bit underwhelmed, but it was fun seeing this Volkswagen one that has been all over the local news for the past few days chronicling the little actor in it who's adorable!

'Lil Darth Vader!

On the food front, it was a meat party!!  Pulled pork that had been cooking since yesterday topped with homemade slaw and BBQ sauce...

Pulled Pork!!

I was in heaven.

No words to describe...

Being it was a group of mostly Packers cheerleaders, we all were pretty happy after the first half.  We then became sad that we had to sit through a half time show consisting of the Black Eyed Peas singing their songs from the past two years that we've heard one too many times.  At least Usher and his dancers showed up to break it down a bit which to me was better than Fergie Ferg.  I mean Usher jumped over Will.i.am into a split.  Come on...

Broken Record Eyed Peas

Post half time we were presented to the newest guest of the meat party...the ribs.

Oh my ribs!!

I was so full by this point that I cut a small bite to at least taste them.  Yeah, they were good :)  As the Steelers scored more and came closer, Green Bay pulled it out in the end - yay for Aaron Rodgers and his MVP win as I have much love for any former Pac 10 player!!

Full bellied, I left with a handful of cupcakes to enjoy tomorrow.  I mean I haven't fully recovered from my cold yet...sweet treats, and Dayquil is what the doctor is ordering if you ask me.

Week 51: Caroline - After

Thanks to my dear Caroline for sending!!  Like in TV, this post is technically "To Be Continued..." as Caroline in the SCity's other piece will be used for tomorrow's ensemble!