Week 51: Caroline Part II

It's Part II from yesterday's "To Be Continued..." day using the second piece that Caroline from SC mailed my way.  Polka dots for the Super Bowl and this fab vintage printed dashiki for today. Week 51: Caroline Part II - Before

I LOVED this pattern - it was awesome but I had a whole tunic vision in my head for this though...

Taking this down the tunic path, I cut the piece right below the round shape in the center.

Shortened up!

I wanted there to be a bit of space on each side, so I undid the seam about two inches on each side and pinned and prepped the new hem.

Need to hem both sides of the bottom!

Now these sleeves were strange looking at first.  Looking back at the before pic, you can see that the bottom of the sleeves were tacked up.  I thought they were stitched like this, but...

Sleeves are pinned!

...they weren't!  They were just safety pinned and connected to the piece below the armpit area.  I  took that pin out and the sleeves were virtually exactly how I wanted them.  To fit this tunic style, I wanted them big and square and it's just what I got.

The neck was the next issue.  There was a small shirt divot at the top with some frayed edges.  I decided to trim it up a bit.


I cut, then folded under each side and made a V.  I went deep with the V so I could pair a white tank underneath, which I've been living in thanks to their insulation capabilities!!

Pinned and V necked!

I took the piece to the sewing machine and then stitched everything in place.

Sew time

My comfy tunic was all ready to go!!

Week 51: Caroline Part II - After

I had to get out of my house not just because I ran out of Progresso's Tomato Bisque soup that I've fallen madly in love with but felt a bit cooped up after being confined in bed the past few days.  With my Kleenex in hand...or in purse rather, I went to get some Italian with a fun companion.  Got this yummy pizza...

Prosciutto and arugula and ricotta...

...and got to hang with my mom!  Nothing's better than being taken care of by your mama :)

Dinner with mom :)

Feeling better for sure but will be popping a Sudafed before I sleep tonight to try to get the last bits of cold outta my system.  Leftovers in hand, I left a happy camper!


Miss Caroline, thank you for the pieces - comfy/tunic-y shirts for the past two days was exactly what was needed to help this not so hot feelin' girl be cozy under the weather :)