Week 52: Cora's NDAD Creation

I've been getting so many amazing submissions of your work - dresses, dog outfits, tops, pillows, you name it - it's been awesome seeing what you guys have been inspired to do by NDAD and I love seeing how you all get down and crafty! Today's comes from Cora! Shopping with her mama Lynn, they found this sparkler in the basement of a local consignment shop with lots of other outdated and dusty treasures.

Cora - Before

The bronze shimmer number from behind...

Cora: Before (from the back)

I love me some shimmer!!  Let's check it out!!

This one stuck out in particular because of Cora’s love of 80s Barbies and the resemblance of Golden Dreams Barbie, which totally was one of my faves as well.  You couldn’t get glitzier than her back in ‘86!

Golden Dreams Barbie!

They took the dress home and thought of ways to modernize for the little trendsetter Cora.

Lynn and Cora teamed up on this mother/daughter craft day where Lynn sewed and Cora took Creative Director reigns. Because the zipper was scratchy at the top of the neck and she just wasn’t digging the high neckline, Cora requested a halter.  The sash came off first and then the sleeves followed suit.  Lynn cut straight across the back of the dress, reused the leftover sashes to go around the neck and then went short and brought the dress up to the knees.

Cora: After

The removed sleeves became fingerless gloves, “ just for that added bit of glam” Lynn said, and Cora was party ready!!

Halter action!

Lynn said they throw an annual NYE party, so this was Cora's ensemble for the big fete.

Party girl!

So much fun!  Looks like the confetti poppers were popped and the gloves came off.  "They were itchy by midnight" I was told :) If only we found a life size Dreamvette in the basement of that consignment shop to go along with the outfit...


Thanks to Cora and Lynn for sharing this fab ensemble!!  Cora totally wins for best live Golden Dreams Barbie not to mention being a savvy little bargain fashionista as well.  Keep it up lady!!