Week 52: Lilah

So this polyestery/jacket/shirt came to me via Lilah in TX! "Texas, Our Texas! all hail the mighty State!" I remember being introduced to that song freshman year in college when a girl on my floor sang it a whole lot - she was from TX and by the end of the first semester I would be humming that along side "My Heart Will Go On" because Titanic came out around the same time and I was obsessed.  Yeah, that's something I probably should have kept close to me, ie. not sharing it with anybody because of the embarrassment looking back now - my only excuse is that I was 17 and in a total I HEART TITANIC phase. We all have our phases ;) OK, back to the top!!  This white material is thick and heavy - too thick to wear as a top alone and too light to get away with it as a jacket.  Lilah found this in her thrifting travels and thought it would be "fun" to see what I could do with it.

Week 52: Lilah - Before

And I can't continue without showing a pic of the back...

From the back!!

I'm drawn to these awesome roses that cover the piece.  There is this plastic/sand material glued to be stems and borders to the flowers and leaves.  I think I knew exactly what to do.  But before we get to that, this had to be my favorite part!

It's a pocket!!

Oh cute, a little pocket with a button.  Hmm, what a great spot to hold gum or a pen or anything.

Cut to...


Hello fake pocket!  Love that they went the distance to stitch on a button but couldn't even make a little slit with some fabric underneath.  OK, back to getting something awesome from this piece!

Before we begin...Simon Sez made this garment.  Amazing.


Simon Sez, cut the flower out of the left side of the shirt.

Simon Sez keep cutting!

Simon Sez cut all the flowers out of the entire piece.

All the flowers...removed!

Simon Sez trim around the plastic/sandy edges of the flowers and cut off the leaves and stems.


Simon Sez get some clips from the 99 cent store and some thread to accompany the floral appliques to turn them into clips.

Flowers & PIns & Thread

Simon Sez begin stitching the clip to the back of one of the floral appliques.

Stitching a clip back!

Simon Sez clip completed.

Completed clip!

Put back on what remains of the white coat.  Wait, Simon didn't say that!! (Thank goodness!!)

My clip was done and I put it in my hair which conveniently matched my reddish Junk Food sweatshirt - dressed up from the neck up and a little casual from neck down.

Week 52: Lilah - After

Since I just used one of these flowers for today, guess what you'll be seeing in a few days??

New clip to add to my collection!

The rest of the flowers!!  I've been crafting something that the other flowers will work beautifully for, so keep your eyes peeled.

And to Lilah...thanks for the TX love :)