Shoulder Pad Week – Day 6

It’s Saturday of Shoulder Pad Week!! Gaga's pads to be reckoned with!!

Day 6: Shoulder Pads from Day 344 and Day 324!!

Pads for today's accessory...

Three pads will be coming together to form today's creation!!

I'm going for a little purse action today!  First step was to take the solo graphic pad from Day 344 and pin it to the large green one.

Pad pinning!!

Once it was pinned down, I got out the sewing machine and stitched the pad down on the round side, leaving the flat end open.

Pocket sew down!

Now that my little pocket was created, I took both of the green pads and pinned them together, pocket on the inside.

More shoulder pad pinning

Quick stitch around the edges...

Edges, stitched!

Quick turn inside out...

Inside out!

Now that the base for my purse was complete, I decided to use some velcro for the closure...


...and affixed it to the interior of the pads.

Velcro'd interior!

With the purse part complete, I decided to glam it up a bit more and use a gold vintage necklace as the strap!  I took some large safety pins to attach the chain to the inside...

Safety Pins + Necklace = Straps

...and had my purse ready to go!


Took my arm candy along to meet up with some friends in town :)

Pad purse complete!!

They were all dudes, so I think they were just blown away by what it was before it was hanging on my shoulder.

ECU!! (Extreme Close Up!!)

I think I may be wearing this necklace on my shoulder more than around my neck now :)