Shoulder Pad Week – Day 5

It’s Friday of Shoulder Pad Week!! The later years of The Facts of Life had Blair rockin those pads!

Day 5: Shoulder Pads from Day 145!!

Day 145 Returns!!

I took the pads...

Love this fabric!

...and began my project for today.

Today's piece is going to be worn around the neck!  To assist in this shoulder pad necklace, I went to my local 99 cent store and bought an array of rope in the colors of the rainbow!  I was hoping to get just a basic twine, but this is what they offered instead.


I snagged all four (because I know I'll use them at some point) and decided that the red one would work best.  I took the rope and cut three VERY long pieces from it - probably around 3 ft, just because I wanted to have enough.  This will be something you can gauge for yourselves depending on how long you want to make your 'chain'.  With my pieces, I began to braid.

Foot braid!!

And I braided, and braided, and braided using my toes to hold onto the edge.  I over cut by a foot of rope, which I will reuse later on, but I'd rather have more than less to work with :)

My Twizzler-braid was complete...

Twizzlers, er braided rope!

Because I chose red to go with the navy and white shoulder pad, I wanted to make it look less 4th of July/themey and grabbed some things to affix on top.


I went to my box of remnants and took some bigger buttons and some lace with beads and sequins to put on top of my pad.  I played around with positioning and came to a place that I liked!  I trimmed the edges with the navy thread stragglers...

Covered with stuff!!

...and took my glue gun to tack down the lace.  I stitched the buttons in place and sewed down the rope to the back of the pad.

Glue down & sew down time!!

My necklace was ready to go!!! I paired it with an easy white tank...

My shoulder pad necklace!!

...and then just wore it with a cardigan as my ensemble for the eve.  I was inspired by this awesome Gabriel & Schwan necklace...

Rope necklace for 45 Euro or $61!!

...and thought that mine came out pretty awesome.

ECU!! (Extreme Close Up!!)

I'm loving this easy accessory!

Day 5 success!!  Until tomorrow…