Shoulder Pad Week - Finale

Shoulder Pad Week was so fun - I'm still going to be crafting more shoulder pad creations as we go, as I got lots of amazing ideas from you guys and I have lots of shoulder pads left still!! There were so many guesses made for the amount of pads...I love and appreciate all the comments!  To give away the answers, the total, total amount of pads were 197!!!  I know a bunch of you were trying to decide whether to guess even or odd numbers, so those of you who made the odd choice, kudos :)

Now, to be accurate and go off of the photo...

Jar O'Pads!

...asking how many pads were in the jar, the total for that was 86 pads!  I love how lots of you took it super literal - I originally meant all of the pads in general when I asked the amount, but after reading the comments and seeing how I did photoshop 'shoulder pads' into the 'jellybeans' spot above, you guys were right when guessing the amount in the plastic bin!!

I'll be contacting the winners who were closest for both numbers and sending some little prizes along!!

Get ready for post begins the year!!

xx Marisa