Shoulder Pad Week – Day 4

It’s Thursday of Shoulder Pad Week!! The Golden Gals knew how to rock the shoulder pads!

Day 4: Shoulder Pads from Day 134!!

What shiny pads you are!

I implemented some of your thoughts for today's!!

After an iPhone case as yesterday's project, I thought to myself, 'self, now wouldn't it be nice to have something a little smaller to tote around a lip gloss, maybe an ID or some money.'  I answered yes and decided today's would be a more of a change purse/small zippy unit to keep smaller things in.  I went to Day 134.'s pads right away.

Pretty pads!

I loved that they had the same metallic fabric on them as the piece they were in and I also loved that they fit perfectly with the scattered zippers I had on hand.


I took the flat end of each pad and began to pin the edges to the zipper.

Pinned zipper!

After the edges were pinned, I went to the sewing machine and stitched them down.

Zipper stitch!

Now that the zipper was attached to each pad...

Halfway there!

...I folded the pad creation into a little fabric taco and pinned and stitched the circular edges together, with the zipper, right side down.

Edge stitching time!

Once it was all stitched, I opened the zipper and turned the pouch inside out.

Inside out!!!

I was so excited to grab my goods...

My goods!

...and put them into my little zippy pouch!

It fits!!

I loved my little pouch...

Lil' pouch!!

...but I think my friends loved it more!!

TT, CB & RM seriously love my pouch :)

Day 4 success!!  Until tomorrow…