Shoulder Pad Week – Day 3

It's Wednesday of Shoulder Pad Week!! Joan, the shoulder pad queen

Day 3: Shoulder Pads from New Dress A (Holi-) Day Week...

Big ole pads!!

Today's project is something that is going to come in very handy for me!!

I love that these pads were not only a fab gunmetal shade but a rectangular shape as well!  I've had my fill of crescent and half moons shaped pads so this was a welcoming departure.  PS, I'm literally talking about the varieties of shoulder pads right now.  Oy, never thought this would be a discussion I'd ever be having if you asked me a year ago :)

Large and in charge!!

This rectangular shape is working in my favor, as I'm going to create something to hopefully prevent another catastrophic event that just plagued me...

Walking on broken glass...

My iPhone took a bad, bad tumble and got a frontal fracture.  The case only covered three sides and when it slipped from my hand it bounced straight into a gravel-y, pothole-y section of the road, face side down.  Blerg.  Luckily, it got a face lift and is looking better than ever. Like Macaulay Culkin said in Home Alone - "This is my house, I have to defend it" - just sub out house for iPhone and we're on the same page.  The Wet Bandits are subbed out for a gravel-y, pothole-y road, and all those hijinks and booby traps are subbed out for shoulder pads.  You get the picture.

First step was to pin the pads together.

All pinned!

I pinned three sides together and left the top (with extra foam too!) open. Once they were pinned, onto sewing them down they went!

Sewing up the edges!

All three edges were sewn up tight, and I turned it inside out real quick to get a little taste of what it was going to look like at the end.

Mini pouch!

Before it was going to be turned inside out for good, I got it back to the state it was in post-stitch, grabbed some thick ribbon from my box of remnants...

Mauve satin ribbon!

...ironed it down real quick and began to hand stitch it to the outside of the pad creation.


Once both sides were sewn..

Stitched!! was time to turn it inside out and test the waters with my phone.

My pouch!!

It fit well, which I was very, very happy about, and I tied a little bow to keep it shut.

New phone case!!

I'm liking this pouch business, so I have a feeling you may see a similar version still to come this week...

Day 3 success!!  Until tomorrow…