Shoulder Pad Week - Day 2

Shoulder Pad Week continues!! Julia Sugarbaker sure loved those shoulder pads

Day 2: Shoulder Pads from Day 235...

Floral pads from Day 235!!

& Day 249...

More floral pads!!

We're going domestic today!!

For today's project, I started off taking my pair of pads and pinning them together at the flat, straight ends like so.


After they were pinned in place, I grabbed my sewing machine and stitched them together.


Now that they were sewn...

Stitched together!

...I began to get these, my soon-to-be oven-tips, in working mode!

The idea I came up with was to create little hand mitts for taking things out of the oven.  To attach these guys to zee hands, I got some elastic (about 2 inches worth) and pinned them on each side of my shoulder pad taco-esque creation for my fingers to fit under and stay in place.

Elastic in place!

Now that they were pinned in place, I found some blue buttons that were going to hide the edges of the elastic...

Pinned with buttons!

...and did a little hand stitching to get the elastic attached and the buttons in place.

Stitch those buttons!

With my new little finger protectors sewn and ready to go, I baked some pumpkin bread (courtesy of Trader Joe's ridiculously delish mix that I bought excess of during the holidays) and put 'em on my fingers!

Shoulder Pad Success!!

I put my pointer and middle finger under the elastic on the bottom and had my thumb under the elastic on top.

Hello oven tips!

It's kinda like a hand puppet of sorts, a little Muppet Show, just less Kermit and more Miss the color scheme of things for sure :)

"Moi's hair has natural curls. So does my tail."

Loved my tips and loved the treat from the oven!  Let me just say that it was VERY fun using the oven to get this out...I may be baking all week!

Le Fin

Day 2 success!!  Until tomorrow…