Shoulder Pad Week - Day 1

It's Shoulder Pad Week!!

It's time!!!  We're going to take those pads and give them a second chance this week :)

These Shoulder Pads are a Battlefield!
These Shoulder Pads are a Battlefield!

Day 1: Shoulder Pads from Day 280!!

Pads a la Day 280!!

Hello lavender pads!!

The shape of these puppies were nicely circular-y, shaped so I immediately thought that they would make a pretty little accessory for my head.  Yep, we're going to make a little cocktail hat/headpiece!!

I gathered my shoulder pad along with some headpiece accoutrements like this...

Le plume

And these...

Gems, buttons and jewels!!

...and got to work!

I got out my trusty glue gun and trimmed the feather and placed it on the shoulder pad...

Pad+Feather+GG=Crafttime USA!!

...before gluing into place.  Once the glue dried, I started placing the buttons and findings into the spots I wanted them to be and began sewing them down, little...

Sew down time! little...

More buttons!!

I glued a few scattered rhinestones down when the buttons were in place and my little headpiece was ready to go!!  I ended up using some bobby pins to keep it in place, but  stitching an actual clip in place could work just as well.  I thought this would be the perfect thing to hang with the gals, celebrate MW's birthday and enjoy a lovely Southern California January night.  *And by January night, I mean balmy 67 degrees.  I know, I know, I'm kinda sorry :)

xo JW

My headpiece was a hit and I got oodles of compliments, not to mention a few people who were shocked that it came from a shoulder pad.

Headpiece time!!

This was such an easy fix - totally chic and do-able on any level!

Pretty in patterns with the birthday girl!

And my dress...I didn't sew this one, but it was a find for $1 from my favorite pile sale in LA.  I've had this for a few years and it's one of my favorites!

Ensemble of cheapness!!

Day 1 success!!  Until tomorrow...