Get Ready For...

Hi guys!  First off, thanks so much for being so patient.  The new blog is coming very soon, but I wanted to fill y'all in, as I've been spending a lot of time working on a book proposal!!  It's not a guarantee of anything yet, but hopefully once it's done someone will want to turn New Dress A Day into a bonafide, real book!!  Keep your fingers (and your thread) crossed for me!! So, just giving a little taste of next week which will be the countdown into the new year...woo hoo!!

Le Pads Du Shoulder!

That's right!! We're going to tackle those lovely friends I oh, so quickly removed from my pieces.  SHOULDER PAD WEEK!!

To have a bit of fun with this...can you guess how many there are?

How many are there??

Put your guesses in the comment section below and the top winners will win some fun duplicates of what comes from these next week.  Now you can go back through all those posts if you'd like, but there were definitely some pieces that I didn't mention pads on.  I'm a sneaky gal - I knew this is what I was gonna do from the get go, so I wanted to make it a little trickier...Mwahahahahah :)

I'll take guesses through the end of SP Week!!