Email Addy for Pics!

Just wanted to give you a little update...pieces are starting to trickle in :)  I'm so very excited with what I'm getting!!  We'll be starting up soon, I promise!! I know a bunch of you have been emailing and asking where to send your pictures of the pieces that you want to submit (which can be anything - yes, anything!!  I'm just looking for what you've been inspired to create...)  To make it easier, I've set up an email solely for pics.

During the off time, I got to do a little guest curating with CrescendOH as well as work on a little interview with my gal Steph at Those Tricks all while doing some more prep work and shopping/sifting/searching.  Will post some pics of my thrifting travels this week, but I just had to share this one immediately.

Double Take!!

Um, I totally came across the SAME dress that I used for Day 344!!  I nearly lost it!  This was going for $12 (I snagged mine for a mere dollar-roo!) and it had a more worn out elastic waist as well.  That dress was the hotness back in the 80s.  Now I know at least two people purchased this winner!

OK, keep the pieces and the pictures a-comin!