New Dress A Day: Year 2...What's in store!!!

Friends, the time has come!!  The rest and sleep has been enjoyed but these little fingers are getting antsy for more!! Thank you for all of your amazing comments and feedback and sharing with me what you'd like to see next year.  Reading each and every one of them, the wheels in my little head started rolling and the new year started coming together.

Brain wheels are a-crankin!!

I'm going to keep up the remakes (yay!!) and am reaching out to you!!

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses (or clothes) yearning to breathe free."


I'm going to take your donations this year and have my go with them!  I've received so many emails over the past handful of months from people wanting to donate to the cause, so I figured this would be the perfect route to go for round two.  Time to clean out the closets!  With that being said, I want to incorporate your stories of the pieces as well - when you bought them, where you wore them, what made you want to get them and why.  I want the dirt!!  (Photographic evidence will most definitely be encouraged :))

Now some of you may be avid spring cleaners without any old garments sitting around...I'm totally open to your thrifting travels and will gladly accept pieces you find on your shopping excursions - if there is something that is crazy heinous that you think would be a fun challenge for me to try and fix, I accept!  If there is something with lots of spangles, lace, glitter and beads, (mmm, you know me so well) I accept!!  I want the fun background behind the piece whether it was a bridesmaid dress you wore in your ex-boyfriend's sister's hairdresser's wedding or one you found at Value Village (which I need to get to...I'm jealous of all of you with these nearby!!)

Nobody should be forced to carry parasols...

And, that's not all...


There will be a weekly post devoted to your remakes too!  Anything you've done or have been inspired by New Dress A Day to create, I want to see!  Send me pics and each week another person and their creation will be featured!!

But wait, there's more!!


I adore reading Lucky and Vogue, checking out the latest and greatest from my favorite designers - La, la, love Lanvin - as well as seeing what my style faves are wearing on the red carpets - I can't ever get enough of Michelle Williams or Kate Hudson - so we're going to do a weekly Copycat day!!  It's going to be open to remakes in general, from celeb style, to designer pieces as well as things seen at J Crew or Topshop.  I mean, hello Golden Globes and Oscar season!!  I smell some fun ones coming...


Not done yet...


More tutorials!!  Ride alongs on thrifting trips (and hopefully some thrifting trips outside of LA)!!  More theme weeks!!  More giveaways (lots of crafters have reached out to donate pieces, so you'll be seeing lots of goodies)!!

Still going...


I'll also be including some fun non-clothing pieces too :)  Accessories, check.  Home decor pieces, check.  Kid pieces, check.  Oh, and those shoulder pads...they'll finally be making an appearance.



There are some other things in the works, but we're still on the hush, hush right now.  Aiming to be fully up and running very, very soon - so excited to see what's in store.  Also, for many of you who had been inquiring, I'm hammering out details now and will be working with a charity to have a little online auction action and will be donating proceeds from this year's pieces.  Will keep you all in the loop as soon as everything is set up!!

Whew, there you go!  That's what I've got in store for 2011.  So excited to begin another year!! It's all about the refashioning of our own closets and looking to what we've got.

To get the address details to send pieces my way, CLICK HERE or go to the home page and click on the DONATE HERE section at the top of the page.  It will give all the pertinent details to get involved this year!!

Repurpose.  Reuse.  Revamp.  Recommission for 2011!!  Now that's a new year's resolution. xx Marisa