New Dress A (Holi-)Day Week: Friday

New Dress A (Holi-)Day Friday's ensemble is below!!  Hmmm, long house coat much??

Holiday Week: Friday - Before

Love the fabric...don't love the length, so one quick fix is gonna change it all!!

Grabbed my scissors and got chopping!

No more house coat!

I cut the coat shorter and just retweaked the red interior lining!

Re-line, re-hem!

After a quick pin-down, I grabbed my sewing machine and stitched everything into place.  One step and voila!  New holiday jacket that was perfect for the LA rains!!

Holiday Week: Friday - After

I paired it with my Mad Men-esque dress from Day 239,,,

Day 239

...and headed over to TC's Holiday Mixmas soiree which included a 'mix tape' to tote home with, full of his fave holiday jams.  A little It's A Wonderful Life was on...

I match!

...and we grubbed on everything bagel crusted pizza before heading back out into the rainy weather.

Happy Holidays :)

From 84 degrees last week, to a chilly, rainy 50s-ish going on, it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas :)