NDAD: Christmas Edition!

Happy Holidays!!  I hope everyone has been enjoying the week...braving the rains, snows, crowded mall parking lots and flight delays across the country...tis the season, right? In staying with tradition (ok, well the tradition began last year and will clearly be continuing...) I had to come up with another holiday ensemble for a dollar.  This my friends was a buck and was going to be my holiday dress!!

Christmas: Before

Wooly, plaid and with black porcelain heart buttons.  I can hear the jingle bells now!

First thing I did was grab my scissors and got to cutting.  I wanted to go short so I could wear some fun black opaque tights with boots.

Goin short!

Post shortening, I grabbed my seam rippers and took off the sashes that were connected on each side of the dress.  These were made to be tied in the back but I was going to change it up a bit.

Unseaming the sashes!

With both sashes off, I pinned two of the edges together to sew (in a few minutes) and turn it into one big sash.

Sashes detached!

I pinned the edges of the skirt...

Pin down the new edges

...and began the fast trek on the sewing machine!  Got my sash in one long piece, the bottom of my dress hemmed as well a little taking in up top.  I cinched about an inch below each arm hole and tightened up shop.

Sew down!

My Christmas ensemble was complete!  Granted the Los Angeles temps were back to somewhat normal for December (midish-60s) so I kept the sleeveless thing going.  If it were raining like it had been for the past week, I would have thrown on a long or 3/4 sleeve black top just to stay warm.

 Christmas: After

My brother and I always have a blast finding our handmade nursery school ornaments on the tree each year.  Loved rocking those overalls back in the 80s!!

Circa 1984

I also paired my dress with an awesome black velvet blazer that I found in my pile sale sifting!  It had a small tear at the shoulder that was easily fixed for the night with a safety pin.  I'll take care of some hand stitching before the next wearing!

Happy Holidays!!

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday break!!  Fun news about next year comes this week....get ready!!