New Dress A (Holi-)Day Week: Thursday

It's Thursday of New Dress A (Holi-)day Week!! New Dress A (Holi-)Day

Tonight’s ensemble began looking a little bit like this…

Holiday Week: Thursday - Before

I mean...

Holiday Week: Thursday - Before

Best part of the dress were these bows on the back of the dress.  Can NOT wait to make these the focal point!

ECU on those bows!!

Had to get rid of those shoulder pads first.  Clearly...


I got both of those BIG grey pads out of there...

One off!

...and took off the layer underneath that was attached to that layer of blue ruffles.  (PS, I think there is a dress there underneath.  May have to take a swing at it soon!!)

Bottom layer!

I took my top layer and began to take it in!

Taking in!!

Pinned, tightened up, and shortened...

Sew down!

...and had my new dress ready to wear!  I turned the dress around so those fab bows were in front!  Because it was a bit short, I paired the dress with a black slip underneath and threw on opaque tights and my favorite Aerosole boots!!  (I know a ton of you have been asking about my boot collection...will keep you posted on them!!)  Headed out to LA's famed El Coyote for what I like to call Coyote Christmas with friends.

Holiday Week: Thursday - After

Our annual holiday dinner is always held here and the glass display at the entrancd never fails to entertain...

Behind the glass...

The Coyote is kitsch fabulous from the displays...

Le bows! the servers!!!  Our server Fran ruled.  Look at that Gone with the Wind dress and the star lights at the bottom!!  Are you kidding me?  Plus she must have been toting around a battery pack somewhere in that ensemble which gets total bonus points.


Usually you stop eating chips when the entrees come, but I was on to my coffee and was still going.  Chips & guac + Marisa = happy, happy gal.

Full and happy :)