New Dress A (Holi-)Day Week: Wednesday

Mid-way through New Dress a (Holi-)Day Week!!!  Let the party ensembles roll!! New Dress A (Holi-)Day

Tonight’s ensemble began looking a little bit like this…

Holiday Week: Tuesday - Before

I just loved the blue and the metallic but those sleeves...Smurfette in the heezy fo sheezy!!

I loved what this shirt was trying to do.  I want to keep the essence of it intact, so there isn't a whole lot to be done.  A few short and easy steps to make it waaaaaay better.  To start, this is what the interior of those sleeves looked like.


Mesh, mesh, and more mesh!!  Scissors came out and I started cutting.

Don't need it that pouffy!

Oh the games I play midway through cutting...

Veil O'Mesh!

Once the mesh was removed...

The leftovers!

The sleeves began looking a bit more normal.

Mesh-less shoulders!

I wanted to go a little shorter on the sleeves, so I trimmed and pinned...

Folded under shoulders!

...and sewed those puppies down.

Sewin' sleeves!

Post sewing, I added a little bit of flair with the excess material :)  Everything's coming up roses!!  I paired the top with a gold woven belt from my mom's collection circa 1984 and cinched my waist - belted in the front and then turned it around to hide the buckle.  I decided not to take it in, but to use the belt to give it more shape.

Holiday Week: Wednesday - After

I wore jeans and a headband, but this is something that could be glammed up even more with darker jeans or even velvet trousers.

I just loved the metallic floral designs on the fabric... (that was the sell for me)

50s version :)

...and the easy, yet chic look to the piece.

From the back...

Getting rid of the height on the shoulders and giving it just a smidge more shape did the trick!  Easy enough to pull off sans a sewing machine too!!

Holiday Glow!

Woo hoo for holiday week!!

How are your holiday shindigs going?!