New Dress A (Holi-)Day Week: Tuesday

New Dress a (Holi-)Day Week continues!!!  More party ensembles to come.  Today's was another find for a buck too and to put things in perspective, I paid $1.80 for my coffee today :) New Dress A (Holi-)Day

Tonight’s ensemble began looking a little bit like this…

Holiday Week: Tuesday - Before

Well I do declare!  All I'm missing is a parasol!!  I opted to go with my friend RIT Dye to help get this dress looking less like something from Gone With the Wind!

Whoop whoop!!

I used the washing machine to get this dress complete!  Hot water, salt, dye and out came my dress looking pre-tty, pre-tty, pre-tty fab.  Wanted to get rid of those sleeves, so I did!!

Sle-am Ripping!

Got one off...

Got one off!

And then the other!!

Both gone!

I took off the ruffle at the bottom of the dress as that's exactly where I wanted the new bottom to be.  Again with the seam rippers!!

Getting rid of the ruffle layer!

Once the layer was off...

La La Leftovers!!

...I was almost ready for my shindig!!  I added my chestnut boots (these were a score on Ebay!), some curled hair and a jacket (which was lying on the ground next to me - clearly a styled pic because by this time in the late, late eve, it was pre-tty, pre-tty, pre-tty chilly and I only took it off for photo purposes!!)

Holiday Week: Tuesday - After

Did a little lot of dancing (I believe a Katy Perry remix was playing in the background) and cheersed with my pals!!

 Four Calling Birds!

After multiple shots we finally got one that I wasn't blinking in or covering my dress with the curtains...

Giggles McGee!

Tis the season!!