New Dress A (Holi-)Day Week: Monday

OK, I just couldn't resist a little theme week before we start anew in January!!  Thanks to CB for coming up with the name...welcome to the first annual New Dress A (Holi-)Day Week!!  See how I mentioned first annual...yeah, this one's a keeper!! New Dress A (Holi-)Day Week!!

Tis the season for holiday parties aplenty, right!  Be it work soirees, cocktail parties, or holiday shindigs with friends, there's lots of gathering and celebrating to be had.  Now I don't know about you, but I'm still on a budget this season and am going to craft some fun ensembles for all the get-togethers without spending any serious cash.  Guess who's got two thumbs and is back to one dollaring this week...this girl!!

Tonight's ensemble began looking a little bit like this...


I mean get a look at those velvet edges!


First thing I did was cut off those sleeves!

Sleeves...take me away!!!

I got scissor happy and hit the length next!

Mini time!

Now you see it...

Hi collar!

Now you don't!

A little collar trimming action!

Once the collar was removed, I got to pinning.  Prepped a new seam up top and pinned the sides where I was going to take it in...


...and then got the dress ready for a new hem...

Hem time!

...and got to sewing.  Paired with some vintage gold bling, a red belt and some black tights and boots, my dress was ready for holiday-ing!!

Monday - After

(In case you'd like a view from behind...)

Holiday Week: Monday - After (From the back!)

Met up with my plaidsie boys JS and RM and took a little Norman Rockwell-esque shot...

Plaid, plaid & more plaid!

before plaid-ing it up with my other plaidsie pal.

Me with my little man BB & his mama :)

We sipped...

Fantastic Four!

We nibbled...

Peppermint Cuppies!

We danced...

Me & the new star of Sister Act the Musical on Broadway!!!

We posed...

JMT and his bevy of lasses!

We got pooped...

Pooped party gal!

Just one party down...more gatherings to come this week!!