Day 361. 4 days and $5 left to go.

In preparation for Thanksgiving, I was thinking how autumn-y and rustic this fabric felt.  It was like a fall bouquet! OK, maybe it was just because of the rust colors blended with the browns and purples but it was in tune with how it feels outside.  Cold! Day 361 - Before

Ooh, the best part...

Shoulder Pads!!

OK, ship shape time now!  A little carving of this Thanksgiving fabric turkey is about to go down that won't have it looking anything like this very soon!!

Clearly this was the first plan of attack on my agenda!

Lumpy Pads!!

Next came the sleeves.  I want to go down a fluttery route, so I cut the tapered half off...

Goodbye billowy sleeves!

...began seam ripping both the top and the bottom of the rest of the sleeve...

Seam ripping!

...and then pinned all the edges down on the top and bottom piece of fabric.

Unseamed sleeves!

So the arm hole wouldn't be gaping, I stitched it up a bit next.

Sewing up the large arms!

I loved the high neck on the dress, but I thought it would be fun to adjust it just a smidge.  I began to take out the seam that connected the neck to the top of the dress.

Adjusting the neck!

After unseaming, I trimmed about a two inch cut down the center and pinned the edges underneath.

A little cutting, a little pinning!

Next came the length.  I wanted to go short on this so I could wear some fun textured tights.  I trimmed...

Take it up!

...and then I sewed!

New hem!!

Added my tights, some ankle boots and the dress was ready for the day!

Day 361 - After

Here's a little close up of the neck!

ECU!! (Extreme Close Up!!)

It was super reminiscent of ModCloth's version here for $58...


...and had the essence of Tibi's $400 one.


I loved the flutter and how the sleeves just hung so it was fun trying to get that same look on my piece!

In preparation for a day full of traditional Thanksgiving eats, I went the Chinese route for dinner!!  Pork Lo Mein, sign me up!!  I'm saving room for the Butterball tomorrow.

Mmmm Chinese!

I even saw my breath last night!!


After the pic, the layers came back on.  Cardigan, check. Second sweater, check.  Jacket, check.  At the end, I think I looked a bit like Randy from A Christmas Story...