Day 362. 3 days and $4 left to go.

It's Thanksgiving Day!!  I know I've been anxiously awaiting a day of feasting for the past week.  Actually I've been salivating just thinking about the sandwiches I want to make with all the leftovers...turkey, stuffing, cranberry on a baguette?  It's my yearly tradition!!  Before we get to the leftovers, here's my ensemble for the day!! Day 362 - Before

Um, a mix of deep, deep purple velvet with a lacy collar - it was perfect!  Had a hint of pilgrim, but all I needed was a hat, some tall white socks, and buckled shoes!  My favorite part about the dress??

S McC!!

Whoot, whoot!!  Hello vintage Scott McClintock from the Jessica McClintock family.  I mean, I just couldn't let this one go.  The color, the fabric, the lace...the perfect Thanksgiving trifecta!!

My day began with a viewing of the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!!  Nothing rings in the holiday more than Smurfs, Shrek, and my favorite, Kermit the Frog balloons heading down 34th street.  I had my Dunkin Donuts brewed coffee in hand (if I can't get it directly from a location, then I'm all about getting the grounds from's the closest I can get, so I'll take it!) as I watched these guys and the falloons!!  Yep, that's a float/balloon...


I wanted to remove the bib collar first, so I got my seam rippers and went to town!

Collar unseaming!

I was on a good roll and had the lovely scents of turkey cooking in the oven to keep me truckin!

Almost all out...

Once the collar was completely removed...

Here we go!!

...I made a little snip...

Collar trim!

...then pinned edges under to form a V.

V time!

I removed the lace trim from the collar that I took off...


...and then added it in under the V that was created.  I wanted a little sheer neck action and wanted to keep the lace element just without having it look like a bib.  Channeling pilgrims, not dressing exactly like them :)

New addition!

I stitched the lace into place...

Sewin' down the new neckline!

...and then got to trimming the sleeves.

Going short!!

Our Thanksgiving meal is a bit on the casual side, so this dress is turning into a top that I can pair with jeans.  I cut the length off next and then sewed a new hem along with a seam at the arms.

New hem!

The velvety-lace combo was not only comfy but totally chic!!

Day 362 - After

I loved the Victorian feel and it was dressy enough to pair with my comfortable jeans!!  After a day of prepping and cooking, the turkey was complete and carved...

The bird!!

My mom took reign  in the kitchen for most of the day, but I got to throw together some roasted broccoli while sipping on Bass right before we sat at the table.

Finishing touches on the broc!

Got to spend time with my grandma who came to town, some good friends, and the family which made for an awesome holiday gathering.

My favorite part of the dinner...


Pumpkin pie!!  Now I was told as a kid that when you eat pie to save the end as your last bite and to make a wish on it.  I'm not a crust gal, so I ate the filling then prepared the last bit to nibble while making my wish.

After the food coma set in, so did nap time.  Thanks to my dad for capturing me and my brother passed out on the couch.

Nap time!

Each Thanksgiving tends to end with some couch time.  I mean a day of NFL, food, and's tiresome.  So grateful for a day of togetherness.

I hope all of you had a most wonderful day!!