Day 360. 5 days and $6 left to go.

Look at this shiny pink number complete with some height at the shoulders, tapered sleeves and a lacy collar!! Day 360 - Before

It brought me back like 20 years because it actually reminds me of this shiny peach two piece top and culottes (yes, I was the queen of culottes when I was a lass) I wore when I was a kid - the shiny fabric with subtle leaves imprinted in it screamed Marisa's childhood wardrobe.  Not only was I reminded of my wardrobe, but I was reminded of the wardrobe of a certain other person...

Bosom Buddies!!

Tom Hanks!!  I remember watching Bosom Buddies when it went into syndication on like TBS or USA and clearly loved the 'fancy' dresses they wore.  Such style for those two goofballs!!  Tom's rocking the lacy wrap top dress and so am I today!  I'm just going to throw it in a time machine (aka, a seam rip/sew combo) to take it out of the 80s.

The collar is the first plan of tweakage today!!

Lacy Collar!!

Out came the seam ripper and out came the stitches.  PS, I need to have a lacy collar party with all the collar removal that has been happening recently!  Will have to create some fabulous piece with all the leftovers!!

My pal, the seam ripper

Once the lace was fully removed, I pinned back together the fabric that sandwiched it to prep for some resewing.

Lacy collar!!

Next these puppies were taken out!

Pads, out!

Then came the sleeves.  I'm not into the tapered look so I just decided to remove them completely.


Once they were gone...

Sleeve, off!! was "pin the rest of the raw edges time" to get everything looking neat and cleaned up.

All pinned up!!

After trying my finished piece on and playing around with the top of the dress, I felt inclined to do some cinching to give the neckline a bit more pizazz :)  It felt a bit baggy and boxy, so I took to a cinch/pinch combo to soften it up a bit.  Paired with a fun gold vintage necklace and some brown boots the outfit was  finito and feeling über feminine and romantic!!

Day 360 - After

It's funny because I'm typically not a fan of pleats that are solely in the front of pieces - full pleated skirts, I'm totally on board with, however pleated pants won't be found in my closet.  I had a hot pair of stone-wash denim (Jordache or Sergio Valente, I'm sure) that used to be hanging there back when Bosom Buddies and Full House were in rotation on my TV, but that's not the case anymore.  For some reason the pleats at the bottom of the dress were totally my speed.  I loved the pocket set up too!

ECU!! (Extreme Close Up!!)

I'm pretty sure I had an assortment of dresses by Dawn Joy Fashions from the Juniors section when I was in middle school :)  I got to meet up with my gals at the Farmers Market for some pre-Thanksgiving hanging - went the chips and salsa route in full preparation for the turkey, stuffing and cranberry combo that will be here soon enough.

TL & REF!!

Turkey, tryptophan, and mid-day napping on the couch is almost here...I'm counting down the hours!!!