Day 359. 6 days and $7 left to go.

Can anyone guess why this ended up coming home with me?  Two words. Day 359 - Before


Laura Ashley!!!

When I came across this dress for a buck I just had to take it home with me.  Thinking how coveted these were in the 80s I was looking forward to some adjusting!

What my Laura Ashley looked like in its past life!

My goal is to take it as far away from "Laura Ashley" as possible.  I don't want it to politely whisper, "Hello, my name is Laura Ashley", I want it to scream, "How you doin', call me Lawr".

And PS, as much as I LOVE Beetlejuice and old school Alec Baldwin, I'm totally alright with leaving Geena Davis' Laura Ashley number in 1988 :)

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

All of the lacy/embroidered detail had to go.  One of the key elements to Laura Ashley pieces...this stuff, and everywhere!  Seam rippers came out and went to town.

Lacy cuff!

I got one sleeve done...


...and the other followed suit!!

Woo hoo for laceless sleeves!

Next came that bow.  Off it went!

Get off that bow!

And the collar...that was next up.  It was all coming off!!

Saved from the Collar!

Now that the embroidered details were gone, I hit the length.  I didn't want a long pleated dress, no thank you, so I thought cutting it short and going more of a shirt route would be perfect.  I cut...

Short time!

I pinned...  I sewed...

Sewing some edges!

Gave the bottom of the piece a new hem, sewed my new neckline and took care of the sleeves.  The shirt is finally done!!

Friends, meet Nora Smashley!  Some ankle boots paired with my jeans gave this piece a completely different look.  No confusion with the original and I can say that I will not be confused with Geena at all!

Day 359 - After

Now it got really, really chilly today, so I paired my new top with some warm and cozy layers.  By lunch, I had tossed on a sweater...

Layer 1!

...and by the time the sun had set at 5pm, what I like to call my hunting jacket made it on my body.

Layer 2 + warm frothy beverage

I know, no snow and I still had on this mighty jacket.  See, high 50s/low 60s weather is cold to me now - I continually ask myself how I ever managed winters in NY?  Completely beyond me.

Speaking of cold...I'm guesting on Grosgrain Fabulous today as part of their Embellish Your Knits month!!  Woo hoo for staying warm this Thanksgiving week!!  Click here to check it out - 30 days of knit awesomeness!!