Day 354. 11 days and $14 left to go.

I heart metallics!! Day 354 - Before

Today was a bring the bling kind of day - I just couldn't resist the navy and gold mix!!  I could do without that collar, but we'll get to that first!

The collar was a bit too datey - reminded me a little too much of the 70s and I wanted to keep the glam and lose the disco!

Collar has got to go!

I seam ripped the first side of the collar off...

Left collar out!

...and then got rid of the other!  I didn't completely remove when I go to the point at the end of the V neck where they were both connected.

Collar off...just hanging!

I opted to keep them attached and tie a cute little bow - it gave me a perma-bow which ended up looking fab!

Leftover collar!

Took it from long...

Go shorty! short, stitched a new hem and brought it in a few inches in the body to tighten it up!

Hiked up!

The final metallic look??

Day 354 - After

It was chic, comfortable, retro, but not screaming Saturday Night Fever anymore!!  I met up at the Grove for a screening of Black Swan and was overwhelmed by all the holiday gear, including this little cabin that was set up to promote the new Yogi Bear movie.  I think it was made for those under 36 inches, but there was nobody guarding the door.

Warming up by the faux fireplace!

Threw on a cardi when I got a little chilly which totally had me channeling Emma Pillsbury :)

It feels like the holidays!

I mean, she's the queen of the bow collar and cardi on Glee...

"It always freaks me out to eat candy that someone else has touched." it was as if I was heading to William McKinley High School but to rock the Home Ec. rooms instead of the guidance office or glee club room.