Day 355. 10 days and $13 left to go.

Now I just couldn't resist this graduation gown when I found it!!  I know mine had to be returned promptly after graduation, but somebody kept theirs and somehow it made it to the pile sale which ultimately fell into my hands for a buck!! Day 355  - Before

I wasn't sure how this piece was going to turn out, if I was going to keep it long, rock a dress...but I knew that I had to try!!  Plus it's a little sentimental too - I feel like there's a bit of graduating that will be happening because the end of my year is coming up soon.  I'm just hoping I don't get left back :)

After trying the gown on and playing around with it, I'm going for a sleeved, capey look today.  My first step was shortening the sleeves.

Shorter Sleeves!

I cut close to half of the material off on the sleeves and then went to cutting the actual gown short.  I took off about half of the material.  There was a zipper down the front but I cut right across it as I wasn't wanting to keep it at all - I wanted a more drapey and flowy, non-zipped up piece.

Gown to not-gown!

I had so much leftover, that I took some of the excess, trimmed little strips off and and used them for a little crafty trick below.

Leftover fabric!!

First, I got my sleeves prepped to be given a new hem...

Pinned sleeves!

...and then I got to my little craft!  I used that excess material from above to create little rosettes which I'm going to add to the neck area.  All I did was hold the edge and just twist the fabric around my fingers.  I pulled down some of the edges to make it look like petals and then pinned it in place.

Rosette time!

I created a bunch more and then pinned them to the area at the neck and chest!

Pinned down in place!

Got a needle and added blue thread and began hand sewing the rosettes down!

Stitching down some rosettes!

After the rosettes were in place, I went to the sewing machine, sewed up my edges and then had a flowy jackety/capelet.

Day 355 - After

It still looked graduation-y because of the billowy factor, but I loved the added rosette detail and also loved that the sleeves were a bit shorter as well.

Little close up on the flowers...which were SO easy to create!!

ECU!! (Extreme Close Up!)

And during my prep/sew time, I enjoyed a little blog snack - Hello Kitty Marshmallows?!  I know - A, who knew Hello Kitty made marshmallows?  B, they were filled with strawberry jelly.  C, they were weirdly delish!!

Hello Snack!

Gave me some extra pep for my photo shoot in front of my bathroom mirror!!

Mirror pic!

I guess I was valedictorian today - with a class of one, I kind of lucked out!  No speeches though, well not yet :)