Day 353. 12 days and $15 left to go.

I love florals, so I totally get why I was drawn to this piece!! Day 353 - Before

I loved the print, that's for sure, but I have to be honest that it took me a bit to find out where I really wanted to take this dress.  Sometimes it comes right away and takes a little bit longer.  Today was one of those days, however when it clicked, I was very, very excited to rock out the finished product!!

Today's process began with the sleeves...sleeveless today friends!  Out came le ripper....

Seam ripping!

I went around each arm hole and meticulously took out the seam.

Flapping in the wind!

Once they were off...


...I turned the dress around and began using the seam ripper on another seam on the back of the dress.  I loved the idea of keeping the front basic and then giving the back of the dress a little somethin, somethin!

Seam ripping from behind!

I undid the seam on both sides to give it a jersey styled back.  This style of tank top has always been my favorite, so I was very, very excited with how it was looking.  I tweaked both sides...

Slight jerz?

...and then sewed everything in place.

Stitchin the new back of my dress!!

Because the front of the dress was staying as it was, I went to my vintage jewelry stash and layered a few fun pieces.  I took a belt to cinch the waist a bit and was then completely finito.

Day 353 - After

My fave part all completed looked a little something like this...

Zee Back!

Totally loving!!  I wore a cardi when I took a little afternoon stroll outside...

Sunny Day!

...but that didn't stop me from craving Pinkberry and Baskin Robbins as I strolled by.  Chill in the air can't curb sweet tooth cravings it seems.