Day 348. 17 days and $20 left to go.

This to me is a complete school teacher dress, but one that I remember being worn on my school teachers back in the day... Day 346 - Before

Fabric is polka dotted (which is hard to see) but why I was originally drawn to it was because of this...

Love the detail!!

...the bibbed collar!  I'm obsessed with that lace detail that was added on top - it's like a crocheted applique that was stitched down to the area and that was the part that made me want to make it mine!  The rest of it didn't make me want to do anything :)

Now to get it out of frump mode, I went from long to a more mini-esque length.

We wear short skirts!

Once the dress was shortened, I went straight to the sleeves.  The weather has been fluctuating lately...starts off cool in the am, warms up a little, then gets cold (and windy) at night.  I'm a layer-er so going sleeveless is something I can totally make work.  Got out the seam ripper and attacked the left sleeve first.

Seam rip those sleeves!

Once I completely removed the left one from the body of the dress...

Sleeve off!

...I attacked the right and was feeling good about the outcome.  Really want to make the collar pop just like the way those bottles pop in the ice and fly like that G6.  (A song that gets played on rotation by office neighbors...won't even get it stuck in your head by adding the link to listen :)

Sleeves off!

With the sleeves gone, I had to mend the raw edges.  I also wanted to take in the top a bit as well, so at the sleeves, I brought it in about two inches on each side.

Pinned sleeves

With a quick fix on the machine, my bibby dress was ready to wear!!

Day 252 - After

It's two days in a row with my fave pair of boots!!  I added some opaque black tights and a red ribbony belt to complete the ensemble.

Moschino Cheap and Chic has their own version of a bib dress (one that's more tuxedo-inspired) that is on sale at Bluefly right now...

Moschino Cheap and Chic's version!!

It's up for $449 now which is a whopping $300 less, but still very much out of my budge window, with or without my 'no shopping' blog requirements!

I trimmed the stray threads and had a dress that was ready to be layered when it got cooler...

My Singer BFF

On a little date night with my mom, I put on my mauve-ish crew jacket underneath my 3/4 length coat to cover the 1/4 that would have been bare without.

Layered Up!!

Worked for the cool night!!  Good thing I happen to carry a selection of zip up/jacket/sweatshirt/cardigan options in my closet much??