Day 349. 16 days and $19 left to go.

Remember the 80s?!  Well, it's back!!!  I mean, who are we kidding with these amazing gold shoulders?  I loved it and in this 80s chatter.. Day 347 - Before

...totally made me think of one of my favorite TV shows from that time.  A little thing called Who's the Boss! Anyone else call Angela Bower??

Angela would have totally worn this!!

I'm going to take this dress for a little spin and in no time, it'll be calling out for Mona!

Sassy Mona ruled!!

Went straight for my scissors and attacked the dress at its jugular...the shoulder pads!

Shoulder Pads...Out!!

Once the pads were out, it was onto the sleeves.  To me the gold fabric lamé that made a flamelike design on the shoulders was the best part of the outfit!  That's why I snagged this piece - I was shocked that nobody got to it first!!  I first cut the sleeves short...

Later long sleeves!

...then cut the skirt short...

Going short!

...before taking it in a bit on top to make it a bit more snug.  I then got to the more meticulous part of today's piece...hand trimming around the flames!!

Detailed trimming begins!!

I got as close to the seam without cutting it as I could.  I just wanted the edges of the gold fabric to dangle off my shoulders.  I began to trim...

Probably should have used some lil' scissors...

...and trim, and then got the edges looking a little like this!

Pineapple much??

I paired my new dress with a black slip underneath and was loving the final product!!

Day 347 - After

Went to an awesome dinner at Street and started the grub night right with a delish ginger-vodka cocktail complete with candied ginger.  Mmm, totally my favorite.

Ginger cocktail in hand!

I met up with the family along with our dear friend Allee Willis, who's Museum of Kitsch is literally amazing, for a fun night of storytelling and eating!

The oh so amazing Kaya Toast!

PS, I can't wait to try Susan Feniger's ridiculous recipe for this because the blend of the yolk with the soy and the coconut was mouthwatering - recipe is HERE!!

Susan, Allee, Moi

After sharing more small places from fried chicken to cheese grits, I absolutely ordered a coffee (fully knowing that there was late blogging night ahead...) and tried to avoid the food coma that almost set in.

I was totally loving my sleeves, or lack thereof.  They made me feel cool and I totally called them my shoulder claws.  Grrr!!

Shoulder claws!!