Day 347. 18 days and $21 left to go.

Must I even call them out?? Day 347 - Before

Those sleeves!!  Those sleeves!!  I felt like I should be in the company of these Shakespearean actors as we were all rocking the billowy sleeves.


Oh Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou a lovely ensemble from this night dress??

It's there...just hidden by lots of excess fabric!  First thing I focused on was the length - not loving where it's falling right now, so I wanted to take it shorter.

Bringin it up!

Once I cut about eight inches from the bottom, I pinned the raw edging to get ready to hem.

New hem is around the corner...

Out came the machine and after the hem was created, the sleeves were adjusted!  I took in about four inches from them to still allow for the billow factor, but enough where I won't look like I need to be included in the cast of A Midsummer's Night Dream!

Sleeve tweaking!

I took the leftover fabric...

Waist accessory!!

...and used it as a belt just to give a little shape around the waist.  Not really that much adjusting for this one, but I'm loving the outcome.

Day 347 - After

I paired it with a vintage navy cardi (a total thrift store find a few years back) and my red boots and it didn't even make me think of Shakespeare anymore.  If anything, maybe Shakespeare's Sister :) total blast from the past, right?!

This is totally something I feel like I'd see at Urban Outfitters - the print is current, as well as the ties at the neck (which I had tied in a bow and had just dangling throughout the day).  It went from a sleep shirt to a chic dress...just in a few steps!

Did a quick lunch at Rocco's and clearly had to shoot a pic with the fab tablecloth, just because it matched my boots.

Lunch treat!

Easy outfit that turned out to be one of my faves!