Day 346. 19 days and $22 left to go.

It's a lady in red day today friends!! Look at all that flowy chiffon?! Day 346 - Before

For some reason when I took this pic and looked back at it, I thought...Kiss of the Spider Woman.  I mean, I look like I have chiffon appendages right now!  Didn't think I had arachnophobia but I might be having second thoughts...

Have to say...the sell here were those amazing gold buttons.  I loved them, but all I was paying attention to was that chiffon, so first step was the removal of all that sheer material!

Got the seam ripper and started at the sleeves...

Take off that crepe!

Once those were taken off, the Daddy Longlegs-esque part of the dress came next.  I undid the seams keeping the big, long sash attached and the end of the tunnel was finally clear!!


With the chiffon completely removed from the entire piece (yay!!) I pinned the sleeves and then got out the scissors to go shorter.

Going short!!

Now that everything was tweaked, the machine was threaded with some red thread and ends were tied up!

Fire Sewing!

My dress was all good to go now!!  Less spidery, more drum major now, which is totally fine if you ask me!

Day 346 - After

It took me from day, where I wore a little cardi...

Coffee Bean in hand...the day can begin! night, where I channeled my inner Penny Lane...

Love Kate Hudson in Almost Famous...

...and rocked my own version of that jacket.

Heart this coat!!

Borrowed it from the closet of AR to stay warm on this chilly night.  I gave it back, even though it felt like a what I'd imagine a cloud would feel like around my neck, and honestly would have fallen asleep in it.  Instead, I just grabbed my fleece throw when I got home and tried to recreate...let's just say that it didn't look as cute.