Day 345. 20 days and $23 left to go.

Time to say hello to my little friend...OK, well this dress is a bit far from a friendship right this second, but we'll get it there soon enough! Day 345 - Before

Let me call out the quilted skirt of this dress.  This was part of the reason why I chose to wear it today because of its water repellent nature and the rain that started off the day.  It was like I was wearing one of these on my legs...


Time to bring this dress in to my circle of friends!

First thing's first - get rid of the sleeves!!

Seam ripping!

Everything about this dress is heavy - both the skirt (clearly, because there's currently a blanket hanging from the waist) and the top (too-thick black material) so I want to really trim it all down.

Onc sleeve came off...

One off...

...and then the other followed!

And the sleeves are gone!!

I went to the length of the dress and hacked it off!! I wanted it to hit a little below my knees, so I grabbed scissors and got to trimming!

Cutting off the quilt-like material!!

I can make a quilty scarf with this leftovers or a capelet!!

After my adjustments were made and some fabric got kicked to the curb, it was ready to hit the sewing machine.

I pinned the armholes and sewed both down in place.

Sew back up those sleeves!

Next, I pinned the bottom of the dress and gave it a new, shorter hem.

Sew down that new hem!

Not only does this dress not feel heavy anymore, it's A...totally my new BFF, and B...rocking mod-esque look to it now.  Dare I say it's ready for a little Mad Men action?!

Day 345 - After

The rain came early in the morning, and by early I mean in the five-ish range when Marisa is still happily asleep and hopefully not having nightmares where she's driving on a freeway and it ends just like in Speed except there's no Keanu Reeves to save her :)

By the time I put on my dress, tights and rain boots, the rain had subsided, so the repellent skirt wasn't as necessary as I thought...

Quilty Close Up!

...until I ended up spilling Dr. Pepper directly on me today.  Guess where it landed?  Yep.  Guess what didn't stain and rolled right off the skirt?  Yep.  I guess I did choose right today!