Day 344. 21 days and $24 left to go.

Before I begin, let's discuss how glorious it is the day after daylight savings where we gain an hour!  It was like a holiday for me today.  An extra hour of sleep?!?!  (Cue the angels' ooh-ing and aah-ing in the background!)  I'm not jazzed about it getting dark at 5, however the extra hour couldn't have come any sooner for me this year :) To the dress...

Day 344 - Before

80s in the house!!  I loved those big ol' buttons at the shoulders - that is pretty much why I got it!  Kind of reminded me of the pins/patches that Janet, Miss Jackson if you're nasty, wore near her shoulders during her Rhythm Nation period.

"We are a part of a Rhythm Nation."

I'm also sensing a similarity in the shoulder pads, but mine are not going to last...I grabbed scissors and snipped out the shoulder pads!

Pulling them out!

You'll be seeing the mass of pads soon...get ready!!

They're out!!

Next came some tweaking in the neckline area.  I have a fun trick up my sleeve which will be seen momentarily, but for now, I cut a few inches down the center of the dress...

Cut it out!!

...pinned as if I was going down the V neck route...

Pin it down!

...but then went to a stash of this...

Take a little bit of this...

LACE!!  I grabbed some black lace that I have with my fabrics and decided to add this to the top of the dress, beneath the V.  I pinned it in there...

Add a little bit here...

...and sewed it in place.  Just giving it a little somethin', somethin' :)

A Stitch in Time!!

Before it's totally good to go, I decided to cut off the bottom of the skirt to really make the focal point at the top of the piece.

Short Cuts!

After a quick snip of the belt loops and a trim of the excess fabric to use as a sash, my new top was ready for the evening!

Day 344 - After

I loved the lace underneath - gave a funky yet dainty touch to something that was super 80s in the beginning.

ECU!! (Extreme Close Up!!)

I got bundled up (because it dipped into the 60s...I know, I know, there are many of you out there who are battling way chillier temps) in my fave sweater that feels like a throw blanket and went out for a quick dinner in my hood.  Grabbed a turkey burger and went with roasted broccoli rabe to satiate my comfort food craving.

Crisp LA night!

Crock pot is coming out this week if it continues to stay chilly...for LA standards.