Day 343. 22 days and $25 left to go.

I guess I was still feeling blue after yesterday's ensemble!!  I don't have a ton of royal blue in my wardrobe, so when I found this I swooned. Day 343 - Before

I can't tell you if it was because of the color or because of the awesome embellished roses at the bottom.  Now these roses, they aren't embroidered, they look like they were stamped on with fabric paint.  Reminds me of my puffy paint t-shirt making as a kid...let me tell you, if I still had those now, I'd be going to town!!

Clearly, I'm not going short on this :)  What I'm not liking is the top - it's a thick polyester and doesn't actually feel comfortable by my arms.  It's slightly sandpapery (well that's Marisa being a little dramatic...scratchy may be a more accurate description) so I'm getting rid of them!!  I cut off the sleeves...

Sleeves, it was nice knowin' ya!

...and began to pin down to go in a strapless route!!  Yeah, it's still ridiculously warm out here in LA so strapless is necessary for this Saturday.

Pin time!

I prepped the top of the piece...

Pin Time...(from the back!)

...before I whipped out the sewing machine to put it all into place.

Sew Down

A simple tweak help turn this into one of my favorite pieces!!

Day 343 - After

My strapless sundress was just the thing to wear for a little girlfriend meet-up over breakfast, lots of coffee, and chatter at Swingers.


My gal DL came out from AZ over the weekend so I had to cram in as much hang time with her as possible before her return to the desert.

I heart my DL!

After taking over our booth for a few hours, we rose from our food coma (oatmeal, fruit bowls, and scrambled egg/pasta with turkey bacon and chicken sausage) and slowly sauntered out.  My multi-cups of coffee (I always lose count because any time the cup had space in it, it was filled up by our awesome server) gave me more zing than I usually have on Saturday mornings!

Fun in the parking lot!

I mean I was bouncing off the walls concrete!  I don't think I'll be needing my midday Starbucks pick-me-up today!!