Day 342. 23 days and $26 left to go.

Unfortunately "Blue Monday"is scratched, sorry New Order I just couldn't hold out past the weekend, because blue Friday has taken over. Hello blue, white, asymmetrical, lace trimmed dress!!  I'm loving the trim but the rest is a minor disaster.  A little hurricane if you will...

Day 342 - Before

I'm going to take on this tropical storm and turn it into something that's just going to be minor coastal flooding.  I'm like Helen Hunt in Twister...

We're both in some crazy bad weather!

...chasing storms and beating Mother Nature!!  She ends up with Bill Paxton and I end up with an awesome ensemble.

First thing was getting rid of those sleeves.  Too big, too billowy and just not cute.

Starting at the sleeves!

With both sleeves gone...

Gonzo sleeves!

...I pinned and prepped the new sleevelessness action going on for a clean trim.

Pin the edges!

Ooh, and next came that skirt.  I'm not digging it at all and am going to take this into shirt mode - I cut it off completely...

Skirt's Next!

...and began some lace trim removal (I'm not totally getting rid of it) on the angled blue section.

Beginning to get de-laced!

Once it was completely removed...

Off with the lace!

...I reattached it, but made it uniformly straight around the piece.

And, there she is!!

The lace was pinned in place and the excess blue material underneath it was totally cut off.  Because I wasn't really wanting to stop yet and was still getting these "storm watch" updates in my head, I tackled the neckline next.  I made a little trim down the center...

Neck trim!

...pinned that in place to give myself a fab new V neck before hitting the sewing machine to tie up all the loose ends.

Stitchin it all in place!!

After stitching my sleeves, neck, and my new lace trim, my top was ready to go brave the storm!!

Day 346 - After

And by storm, I mean birthday party, to celebrate the fabulous RL.  I shimmied the night away, got to hang out with some friends I hadn't seen in awhile, and went into photo overload.

Happy Birthday RL!

My favorite part of the night, aside from a taco bar set up with yummy eats including mashed potato tacos - I'm literally having RL set up my next soiree because mashed potatoes + a taco shell is like my most perfect savory combo - were these...

Perfect Combo!!

Seriously?!  A sweet tooth's ultimate dream  - cupcakes from Sprinkles and a jumbo bag of Twizzlers just laid out ready for my grabbing.  This is my perfect sweet combo...Twizzlers are not just meant for watching movies (however I guarantee you that they were in my hands during my Twister screening in 1996), not in my book.

I think I successfully beat the storm, however I think rain is legitimately on the agenda for tomorrow.